PEWE Vision

Our clients will find with US Patent #8431022, several pending patents and twenty-one Trademark registrations the PEWE product portfolio offers innovative process and wastewater treatment solutions and recycling opportunities. The PEWE research and development team is continuously active seeking new technologies for the Industrial and Municipal global markets.

This allows PEWE to offer optimal package systems at the lowest cost, producing the highest revenue for our client's process and wastestream. We design, manufacture, construct and warranty our treatment systems.

System design efficiency equals better performance at reduced operational life-cycle cost.

PEWE Raises the Standard

Patent pending products and systems are designed in-house and produced under tight quality control standards. Systems are constructed in stainless steel, polypropylene and PVC for long-lasting durability and low maintenance. Detailed engineering design means operational ease and simple equipment care.

Some of the product features you will come to expect in your next system can be found only on a PEWE system. The unique technology built into PEWE systems, such as the HD²XLRator® LS DAF (pictured), maximize TSS removal while minimizing chemistry usage and sludge production.

Assembly Line Production

Assembly Line Production — Highest Quality Delivered On Time