5 Top Uses of Recycled Water

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belt press systemA belt press system is one of the vital processes of recycling water. It is imperative noting that between 25 to 60% of the energy usage in water recycling is dedicated to the aeration process. The aeration process simplifies the microbial degradation of the organic matter. But why water recycling?

It is impossible to talk about survival or health without mentioning clean water, and besides that, accessing clean water can prove expensive. Hiring the services of a reputable water recycling systems firm will ensure that you slash down your water expenses and at the same time providing a high level of safety.

The desired use will determine the choice of recycling technique. Belt press system is seen as one of the main processes of turning domestic or industrial water into that usable state. But again, working with the right and a professional firm will advise you on the best water treatment systems.

Before getting to the benefits of process engineered water equipment, it is essential to note that the process is sub-categorized into preliminary, primary, secondary, and advanced. The primary process targets easy to retrieve material and debris. The secondary process is employed to extract suspended solids and dissolved organic matter.

Some of the benefits of recycled water include;

1. Indoor and Outdoor Sanitation

As much as cleanliness should always be maintained, it can be costly, and especially if the floor area is vast. Working with a reputable firm, however, maximizes the recovery of solids, and where applicable, a belt press system might be used depending on the wastewater being used. Some of the water types that can be purified for indoor and outdoor use include;

  • Sewer water
  • Kitchen wastewater
  • Rainwater
  • Flood water

Once in its usable state, this water can be used in laundry, cleaning floors/surfaces, toilets, and car washing. Water recycling can come in handy, especially in large buildings, institutions such as schools or hospitals, and even in homes.

2. Agricultural and Landscaping Uses

Just like yourself, plants, animals, and the environment need clean water. Wastewater, depending on its source, can contain all manner of chemicals that can prove fatal to plants and animals. Dissolved air floatation or DAF water treatment equipment is one of the vital water purification processes.

Whether using the belt press system or the DAF water treatment process, sludge will be skimmed off or produced. This sludge can be used or disposed of the right way, depending on the chemical composition. If usable, the sludge provides valuable nutrients to the plants.

The recycled water can be used in greenhouses, lawns, and flower gardens. If you are into livestock or pets, the water can be used to quench their thirst or to give them a good scrub.

4. Recreational Purposes

The uses of water seem endless, and all are not a matter of life and death. However, unpleasant wastewater might appear, it can be turned purified and used for recreational purposes. Some of the water sports include synchronized diving/swimming, kayaking, water polo, swimming, among others.

Some of the processes or systems used to turn water for recreational use include;

  • Water oil separator system
  • Belt press system
  • Dissolved air flotation (daf)
  • Aerobic treatment system

5. Food Preparation

Consuming food in an unhygienic state can force you to dig deeper into your pockets in settling medical bills. Quality food preparation while maintaining hygiene can prove challenging, especially if a large number of people are involved. Luckily, thanks to technology, there are a variety of water treatment products and systems that can ensure the food is safe for use at all times.

Excellent water treatment systems do not restrict their services to recycling; sometimes, all you need is a boosted level of confidence before using your water from its source.

Final Take

Water is both a precious and valuable commodity. And technology has come up with various water purification techniques such as the belt press system to ensure safety while minimizing expenses in water bills. The mentioned are some of the uses of water that have gone through the purification process.

A reputable systems supplier will advise you on the best water purification products depending on the level of contamination and desired use.

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