How Water is Recycled

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repeatable accuracyWe all use water every single day of our lives. Many of us use it without even thinking about it. In the first few hours that we are awake, we all use it to shower with, brush our teeth, flush the toilet, wash our hands, make morning coffee, and to cook with. That is gallons and gallons of water used, and the day has barely started. The world has limited fresh water, so water is constantly having to be cleaned and used again with repeatable accuracy. We depend on water treatment systems so heavily, yet many of us don’t fully understand what they do and how they work.


Some Basic Facts


Water equipment and the treatment system is actually pretty interesting. One kind of system used is the Dissolved Air Flotation Systems. They are designed to remove three main categories of contaminants from a wastewater stream. Those contaminants are suspended solids, biochemical oxygen demand, and oils and greases. The oil and water separator is needed because many people do not dispose of their oils properly. It ensures that our drinking water is clean and fresh for consumptions. Could you imagine taking a bath, and coming out even oilier and grosser than when you started? Another interesting fact is that primary and secondary waste treatments remove around 85% to 95% of contaminants from the wastewater before the treated wastewater is cleaned and sanitized before it is discharged into local waterways.


The Effects On The World


It can be scary to think of a world that didn’t have water treatment products and systems. We depend on them to have repeatable accuracy when it comes to cleaning our drinking water, that the world would crumble without them. We need to start being more mindful of our environment and how we treat our water and the water systems. This is because data suggests that by 2020, up to half of the assets in these wastewater facilities may be beyond the midpoint of their useful lives.


How You Can Help


In order to do your part in helping out these amazing water systems that have repeatable accuracy, make sure that you are never flushing dangerous products such as motor oil, down the drain. Never pour it into rivers, streams, or oceans either. Dispose of it properly. Also, conserve water whenever you can. Cut off the water when brushing your teeth. Cut your shower times in half, and never leave the water running if you are not using it. There are so many things that you can do daily that will save the world gallons upon gallons of water.

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