Seven Industries That Use a Water Oil Separator System

By March 1, 2019 No Comments

water oil separator systemUsed in many different industries, a water oil separator system separates the components of oil and water mixtures. This piece of equipment is a treatment system that helps to take contaminants out of water. Here are seven examples among many of the industries that utilize a water oil separator system.

  • Waste Management
    In the waste management industry, contaminants are drained off and sent to another area by the water oil separator system. The main objective is to remove impurities from the water.
  • Refrigeration
    Supermarkets of a perfect example of a business that would make excellent use of a water oil separator system. Since refrigeration systems operate at very low temperatures, the water oil separator system is installed in the compressor and helps the evaporator get the returned oil.
  • Car Washes
    Sediment from a dirty car is directed to a separate area from others through the use of a water oil separator system. The sludge and sentiment can be drained into a source such as a sewer that can be pumped at a later time.
  • Machine Shops
    A water oil separator system is of great use in machine shops. This system helps keep the workplace clean and safe by separating the water and oil. This separation helps to prevent smoke and odors from developing, which can be a result of oil building up in the coolant.
  • Heavy Manufacturing
    Interestingly, a water oil separator system is of great use in a heavy manufacturing setting, too. The refining industry, for instance, which usually uses a gravity-based system for separation, benefits from the oil and water separator process, too. This is because the water and oil system results in the oil floating to the top, making it easier and more efficient to collect it all.
  • Food Processing
    The food industry has wastewater that is filled with contaminants such as solid food, grease, and oil. Efficient solids removal of all these materials from the water is needed before the water can flow into the water treatment systems of the local water supply. A water oil separator system helps take care of this process. And this can be a process that uses a lot of energy. In fact, the amount of energy used by pumping systems can total 10% to 15% at wastewater treatment plants.
  • Garages
    A water oil separator system addresses the needs of the car industry in many ways. For instance, garages and locations such as service stations, repair shops, and car detailers all produce oily and greasy wastewater. This is taken care of responsibly by a water oil separator system.

Safety and a healthy work environment are two key benefits from a water oil separator system. There is also another very important benefit, too. This is the benefit to the environment. By using this system, perhaps with a lamella clarifier, for instance, products can be safely removed and then disposed of properly. This prevents grease, oil and sludge from being washed back into the environment. Eco-friendly results of the water oil separator system are truly a great aspect of this process.